sam. juin 1 18:51:35 CEST 2013

zibpuillages musicales

Vive paris, la convivialité, la promiscuité! profiter du plaisir de la voisine qui se fait défoncer et crie pour en redemander, quoi de plus plaisant un jour de grasse mate.. j'en oublierai presque les travaux d'immeubles qui réveille les jours de grasses mats, mais c'est une autre histoire. modifications instrumentales: - faire enfin ses trous à la flute à coulisse !@$!@$@% - réparation complète du sax, =tampons, solutions applicable testé, à finaliser sur le bas du coprs (protège feuille + tampon mousse d'origine) - clavier midi + pic vers sortie casque - réglage violon et autres

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sam. juin 1 18:46:35 CEST 2013

oui mais bpn

la mise à jour vers le nouveau nanoblogger..

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Wed Jul 13 01:18:19 CEST 2011

no need these keys!#@$#@$

I've no need for the numerical pad on my AT keyboard, so how to remove it?
This is plan:
  • redesign the case
      I want to keep the nice design on the side, so i made a hole in the middle, indeed, take a look to pics or it didn't happen!
      result is a case without numerical pads, and without the leds! done
      drew some hole for leds, and audio jack/spk switch
  • make 1 part circuitry, multiple parts
      So, Goupil(Cherry in fact) has made a looong pcb that contain all, on the side i remove, there's the CPU & ROM, Quartz that interpret all of this.
      No contact is open contact!, so it is for a cut
      I'll have to solder cables between all parts missing from absent keypad. Huge job to list and draw all necessary connections! but done! and re-checking twice..
  • making the keyboard beep!
      As there is no numerical pads, the VerrNum led doesn't do anything usefull,
      solder across it a jack, or directly a speaker inside case with a switch
  • so was VerrNum
      well, VerrNum is missing too of course, and it could be use for 1-bus input, so jack it into stereo with its' led
  • making it usb!, and hub, and power hub!(1A!?!)
      We'll see..
  • ZX spectrum mode
      for zx mode, a simple hijack on the 4*8 connectors of the zx spectrum, and through a PIC/etc do simple onwire conversion, the whole being activated by a switch. Kinda need some stabylo for the keys makeup!
  • pics, AT keyboard

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Sun Jun 26 14:49:01 CEST 2011

mods in the ZX Spectrum!

Remember the days' when it takes a quarter of an hour to plug the console to tape recorder and tv, then "Play" the K7, and loading was so slow that you get outside doing things and forget about it?
Well, it has plenty of used even nowadays!

The ZX Spectrum is a great computer, though not as fast as a simple smartphone, it can achieve great tasks to whom wants to take steps into electronics without an FPGA. Keep It Real & Simple!;)
There are pics of mine, you can see the peritel addon, which was design somehow to allow other homebrew =) (2 parts), getting my base plate hole'd and letting pico in there i'll get my debug card!

Tired of getting a really blured screen, and my keyboard just broke, hence the time to hack this ZX ! So there i go for some fixes that are available on internet:

  • getting a smoother display
      bypass the RF modulator, it is only needed for real TV (it operates the changes on signal to canal 36 VHF), done
      then, see if YUV is better signal (direct cables from the ULA chip!)
  • remake the keyboard.
      the membrane was old, and crackled, a whole line was missing! though there a new rock solid keyboard for it! done
      the !click! mechanical beep is driving me crazy..i should reverse the contact in each 40 switches for them to be silent..raaah
  • debug card
      make holes in the addon card and pico.(todo find little cuthole tool)
  • writing and saving with tape interface
      the signal is not good, have to fix some hardware...see screenshot of a record in fromZX.jpg
      Indeed this motivate me for saving/loading with full logic, no sound, see below.
  • want to communicate with addons via MREQ, not only IORQ!
      as the 48K spectrum has all his addressable space taken, this make this tricky!
      Others make strong modifications to disable the 32K onboard memory for allowing external addons to offer ram, but i do not want to trash my only spectrum.
      I located one free logic gate on IC4, and extension port A4 is free, the goal is then the extension is present, it will activate A4, going into IC4, that will disable the 32k onboard (i'm thinking of CAS/RAS..), thus allowing Velesoft's (or mine) ram module with some tricks
Any advances/howto: ZX Spectrum pictures
Some links, if you find out one and want to take it over, ZX bookmarks.

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