Appendix A.5
Conditions for On-Line Services and BBS's Including Internet

On-line services, BBS's and internet sites may distribute the POV-Ray software under the conditions in this section. Sites which allow users to run POV-Ray from remote locations must use separate provisions in the section below.

The archives must all be easily available on the service and should be grouped together in a similar on-line area.

It is strongly requested that sites remove prior versions of POV-Ray to avoid user confusion and simplify or minimize our support efforts.

The site may only charge standard usage rates for the downloading of this software. A premium may not be charged for this package. I. e. CompuServe or America On-Line may make these archives available to their users, but they may only charge regular usage rates for the time required to download.

Appendix A.6
Online or Remote Execution of POV-Ray

Some internet sites have been set up so that remote users can actually run POV-Ray software on the internet server. Other companies sell CPU time for running POV-Ray software on workstations or high-speed computers. Such use of POV-Ray software is permitted under the following conditions.

Fees or charges, if any, for such services must be for connect time, storage or processor usage ONLY. No premium charges may be assessed for use of POV-Ray beyond that charged for use of other software. Users must be clearly notified that they are being charged for use of the computer and not for use of POV-Ray software.

Users must be prominently informed that they are using POV-Ray software, that such software is free, and where they can find official POV-Ray software. Any attempt to obscure the fact that the user is running POV-Ray is expressly prohibited.

All files normally available in a full package distribution, especially a copy of this license and full documentation must be available for download or readable online so that users of an online executable have access to all of the material of a full user package.

If the POV-Ray software has been modified in any way, it must also follow the provisions for custom versions below.

Appendix A.7
Conditions for Distribution of Custom Versions

The user is granted the privilege to modify and compile the source code for their own personal use in any fashion they see fit. What you do with the software in your own home is your business.

If the user wishes to distribute a modified version of the software, documentation or other parts of the package (here after referred to as a custom version) they must follow the provisions given below. This includes any translation of the documentation into other languages or other file formats. These license provisions have been established to promote the growth of POV-Ray and prevent difficulties for users and developers alike. Please follow them carefully for the benefit of all concerned when creating a custom version.

No portion of the POV-Ray source code may be incorporated into another program unless it is clearly a custom version of POV-Ray that includes all of the basic functions of POV-Ray.

All executables, documentation, modified files and descriptions of the same must clearly identify themselves as a modified and unofficial version of POV-Ray. Any attempt to obscure the fact that the user is running POV-Ray or to obscure that this is an unofficial version expressly prohibited.

You must provide all POV-Ray support for all users who use your custom version. You must provide information so that user may contact you for support for your custom version. The POV-Ray Team is not obligated to provide you or your users any technical support.

Include contact information in the DISTRIBUTION_MESSAGE macros in the source file optout.h and insure that the program prominently displays this information. Display all copyright notices and credit screens for the official version.

Custom versions may only be distributed as freeware. You must make all of your modifications to POV-Ray freely and publicly available with full source code to the modified portions of POV-Ray and must freely distribute full source to any new parts of the custom version. The goal is that users must be able to re-compile the program themselves and to be able to further improve the program with their own modifications.

You must provide documentation for any and all modifications that you have made to the program that you are distributing. Include clear and obvious information on how to obtain the official POV-Ray.

The user is encouraged to send enhancements and bug fixes to the POV-Ray Team, but the team is in no way required to utilize these enhancements or fixes. By sending material to the team, the contributor asserts that he owns the materials or has the right to distribute these materials. He authorizes the team to use the materials any way they like. The contributor still retains rights to the donated material, but by donating, grants unrestricted, irrevocable usage and distribution rights to the POV-Ray Team. The team doesn't have to use the material, but if we do, you do not acquire any rights related to POV-Ray. The team will give you credit as the creator of new code if applicable.

Include a copy of the povlegal.doc document.

Appendix A.8
Conditions for Commercial Bundling

Vendors wishing to bundle POV-Ray with commercial software (including shareware) or with publications must first obtain explicit permission from the POV-Ray Team. This includes any commercial software or publications, such as, but not limited to, magazines, cover-disk distribution, books, newspapers, or newsletters in print or machine readable form.

The POV-Ray Team will decide if such distribution will be allowed on a case-by-case basis and may impose certain restrictions as it sees fit. The minimum terms are given below. Other conditions may be imposed.

*Purchasers of your product must not be led to believe that they are paying for POV-Ray. Any mention of the POV-Ray bundle on the box, in advertising or in instruction manuals must be clearly marked with a disclaimer that POV-Ray is free software and can be obtained for free or nominal cost from various sources.
*Include clear and obvious information on how to obtain the official POV-Ray.
*You must provide all POV-Ray support for all users who acquired POV-Ray through your product. The POV-Ray Development Team is not obligated to provide you or your customers any technical support.
*Include a credit page or pages in your documentation for POV-Ray.
*If you modify any portion POV-Ray for use with your hardware or software, you must follow the custom version rules in addition to these rules.
*Include contact and support information for your product.
*Include a full user package as described above.

Appendix A.9
Retail Value of this Software

Although POV-Ray is, when distributed within the terms of this agreement, free of charge, the retail value (or price) of this program is determined as US$20.00 per copy distributed or copied. If the software is distributed or copied without authorization you are legally liable to this debt to the copyright holder or any other person or organization delegated by the copyright holder for the collection of this debt, and you agree that you are legally bound by the above and will pay this debt within 30 days of the event.

However, none of the above paragraph constitutes permission for you to distribute this software outside of the terms of this agreement. In particular, the conditions and debt mentioned above (whether paid or unpaid) do not allow you to avoid statutory damages or other legal penalties and does not constitute any agreement that would allow you to avoid such other legal remedies as are available to the copyright holder.

Put simply, POV-Ray is only free if you comply with our distribution conditions; it is not free otherwise. The copyright holder of this software chooses to give it away free under these and only these conditions.

For the purpose of copyright regulations, the retail value of this software is US$20.00 per copy.

Appendix A.10
Other Provisions

The team permits and encourages the creation of programs, including commercial packages, which import, export or translate files in the POV-Ray Scene Description Language. There are no restrictions on use of the language itself. We reserve the right to add or remove or change any part of the language.

"POV-Ray", "Persistence of Vision", "POV-Ray Team" and "POV-Help" are trademarks of the POV-Ray Team.

While we do not claim any restrictions on the letters "POV" alone, we humbly request that you not use POV in the name of your product. Such use tends to imply it is a product of the POV-Ray Team. Existing programs which used "POV" prior to the publication of this document need not feel guilty for doing so provided that you make it clear that the program is not the work of the team nor endorsed by us.

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