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Welcome to my home page! I am the proud owner of both a PC (Toshiba T4400C) and a Mac (Powerbook 165 8/160). Currently I work as Principle Consultant for my own company Kineta using a HP6710b. Before that I was enterprise strategy consultant with Microsoft working with a HP8510w and senior manager (information security and business continuity) with Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services who supplied me with a HP Compaq nc6000. With my previous employers I had a Tecra 730XCDT and a Satellite Pro 4600. I also now (finally!) own a desktop PC. (Follow the links for some useful tips and utilities.)

I am beta tester for Executor - the Macintosh Emulator for the PC. Check it out on, click here for Executor's FAQ or click here to read what the German magazine MACup had to say about Executor in May 1995.

Another popular Macintosh emulator is vMac. It runs fine on my notebook but is much slower than Executor. For more information, click here. My first impressions of FUSION, an excellent Macintosh emulator are here.

Click here if you want to read the usual boring stuff about my life. (Well actually it isn't that bad.)

Some of my published works, mostly on information security are to be found here.

Click here for information on low-budget ways to format Macintosh SCSI drives and here for the results of some recent benchmarking I did on 13 (!) available Macintosh SCSI HD formatters.

Click if you want to send an urgent message to my GSM phone.

Tommy Aoyama kindly volunteered to maintain a Japanese mirror site with most of the information on my pages about Macintosh HD formatting.

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