this is a bit old, as my openmoko is broken since months on the regulator part(known bug, easy to fix but cms..etc..).
I own an GTA03 openmoko, wanted a simple, useable, validation oriented minimal system.
First, the hardware side: 
 - gsm
 - sound profiles
 - buttons
 - leds
 - accelerometers
 - touchscreen
 - suspend
 - display rotation

The soft depends only on these components:
 - kernel, which boot directly a whole script(no systemV or whatsover)
 - X11 launch (in user)
 - mymokod launch, in root
 - taceul launch, under a classic user on X11 with .xauth support

the whole boot time is around 3s.

here is the
server part, mymokod
user part, taceul