Our Dachshunds

Shown here are Pippa on the left and Kato on the right. Both are bitches.

This photograph was taken some 5 years ago. Pippa was still very young at that time. Three years later Pippa had a litter of seven of which we kept a sire called Thijs. That winter we went on a holiday to Austria and decided to leave Kato with friends since she tends to escape and follow her hunting instincts when she smells rabbits. In familiar surroundings you tend to know where there might be rabbits and where not, but in the woods in foreign country one never can be certain.

When we returned after a week the two bitches had to decide again who the alpha is (i.e. the leader of the pack). Unfortunately both decided that they had rights to this title and both didn't give in. So after weeks of fights it was clear that this was only going to end with one dog dead so we found a nice new home for Kato with an elderly lady. From pictures we get now and then it is clear that Kato leads a good life; she is twice as fat as she was when she lived with us. So currently we have Pippa, aged six and her son Thijs aged four. And although perhaps silly to suggest but these two are intelligent. Very.

On February 7th, 1999 we collected our third Dachshund from the breeder; he was born December 5th, 1998. His official name is Xerxes, but we have decided to call him Teun; a very old Dutch name. On the picture on the right he is around 9 weeks old. He will be a very large Dachshund; that's for sure!

This dog is intelligent; at this age he is already house-trained (!) and we only need to tell him everything once. But he will need a lot of training ...

More pictures will follow soon.

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