My desktop PC

In January 1999 the company I work for made it possible for me to get a PC at a reasonable price. This system, an iNTELLECT Prestige minitower, is sold normally via a Getronics daughter company, called Datelcom. The name of the desktop already indicates that it basically is a rebadged Intel OEM product.

The specifications of this system are:

Processor:	Intel Pentium II 400 Mhz. MMX
Frontside bus:	100 MHz.
Chipset:	SE440BX-2
Memory:		128 Mb.
Storage:	HDD 2 x 6.4 Gb. Fujitsi MPC3064AT
		ZIP 100 external
		1.44 Mb. floppy
Video:		3D Rage Pro AGP 2X - 8 Mb. Video RAM
DVD:		REALmagic Hollywood Plus MPEG-2 decoder
Sound:		Yamaha DS-XG
Ports:		2 x USB, 2 x serial, 1 x parallel
Network:	3Com 3C509B-TPO
Monitor:	LG Studioworks 77M (17")
Keyboard:	Keytronic KT2000
Mouse:		Microsoft Mouse
Modem:		V.90 Victory
Printer:	HP 895Cxi
Scanner:	HP 4100C
CD-ROM:		Samsung, DVD-ROM SDR-430 (32x)
CD-Writer:	HP SureStore 7200i
OS:		Windows 98NL
In general I can say that I am happy with this machine. It is truly fast and works well.
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