TechTool System Information Report : FUSION

TechTool System Information Report

Machine Type: Quadra 900
Processor Type: MC68040
Native CPU Type: MC68040
FPU Type: 68040 Built-in
QuickDraw Version: 32-bit Color v1.3
Keyboard Type: Extended ADB
TextEdit Version: TextWidthHook Available
Time Manager Version: Revised Manager Present
System Version: 7.5.0
ROM Version: $067C
ROM Size: 1,048,576
Appletalk Version: 0
Component Manager Version: 4
Text Services Manager Version: 1
Size of Low Memory Area: 8,192
Physical RAM Size: 8,388,480
Logical RAM Size: 8,388,534
OS Trap Table Base: $00000400
Toolbox Trap Table Base: $00000E00
Script Manager Version: 7.5.0
Number of Active Script Systems: 1
Addressing Mode: 32-bit Mode Active
Addressing Mode: 32-bit Compatible System Zone
Addressing Mode: 32-bit Capable
Alias Manager: Is Present
Comm Resource Manager: Is Present
Comm Resource Manager: Fix for Persistent Tools
Comm Resource Manager: Has Tool Resource Calls
Database Access Manager: Is Present
AppenDITL Calls From CTB: Are Present
Edition Manager: Is Present
Apple Events: Is Present
Folder Manager: Is Present
Font Manager: Outline Fonts Supported
Font Manager: Disk Cached Fonts Available
File System: Has HFSDispatch Dispatcher
File System: Has FSSpec Calls
File System: Has a File System Manager
Hardware: VIA1 Exists
Hardware: VIA2 Exists
Hardware: Apple Sound Chip Exists
Hardware: SCC Exists
Hardware: SCSI Exists
Hardware: Has IWM
Hardware: Capable of Software Power Off
Hardware: Has Universal ROM
Help Manager: Is Present
Miscellaneous: Scrolling Throttle On
Notification Manager: Is Present
Operating System: System Heap is Growable
Operating System: Can Return from Launch
Operating System: Can Launch from Full File Spec
Operating System: Launch Control Support
Operating System: Temp Memory Supprt
Operating System: Real Temp Memory Handles
Operating System: Tracked Temp Memory Handles
Operating System: IPC Support is Present
Operating System: System Debugger Support
PPC Toolbox: Supports Real-Time Delivery
Quickdraw Features: Has Color Quickdraw
Quickdraw Features: GWorlds Deeper than 1-bit
Quickdraw Features: PixMaps Direct (16 or 32 bit)
Quickdraw Features: Text Mode grayishTextOr
Popup cdef: Is Present
Resource Manager: Partial Resources Exist
Serial: GPIa Connected to DCDa
Serial: GPIa Connected to RTxCa Clock Input
Serial: GPIb Connected to DCDb
Sound: Hardware has Stereo Capability
Sound: Stereo Mixing on External Speaker
Sound: Sound I/O Manager Present
Sound: Built-in Input Hardware Present
Sound: Built-in can Play and Record Simultaneously
Sound: Play Double Buffer
Sound: Multiple Channel Support
Sound: 16-bit Audio Data Supported
Standard File: Has StandPutFile-CustomGetFile
Dictionary Manager: Is Present

SCSI Device ID: 0
Mount Result: Not Mounted
SCSI Device ID: 7
olume Name: Fusion HDD
Mount Result: Normal
Volume Status: Volume Busy
SFW Write Attribute: Not Locked
HDW Write Attribute: Not Locked
Number of Files: 95
Number of Folders: 25
Files in Root: 4
Used Bytes: 11,365,376
Available Bytes: 9,270,784
Total Bytes: 20,636,160
Creation Date: 17/7/98 11:21:36 PM
Last Modified: 19/7/98 6:24:56 PM
Last Volume Backup: No Vol B/U
Write Count: 3,428
Drive Number: 3

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