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Fantasm 5.1 release April 1998

Readme files:

On this CD - this file.

If upgrading from V4 - notes for people previously using Fantasm/PowerFantasm 4.xx

Release Notes - Important notes about Fantasm 5.1.

Installation Instructions - Notes on installing Fantasm 5.1 to your hard drive.



Install Fantasm 5.1

Contains a Self extracting archive which will install Fantasm 5.1 onto your hard drive.

The following are installed:

Folder: Fantasm 5 containing:

Anvil 2

Librarian 2.5

Anvil colour sets (Folder)

Anvil low level defs (Folder)

Anvil plugs (Folder) containing:

AnvAMP - MP3 music player for Anvil

AnvMOD - MOD file player for Anvil

Erase Data Fork & cfrg - removes native bits from a file.

Assm count lines - counts how many lines are in your project.

License - your user license.

Anvil project setups (Folder containing templates for varius new project configurations)

Anvil standard libraries (Folder) contains static libraries as follows:

Maths library (68K)

Video library (68K)

Input Library (68K)

Files library (68K)

Memory library (68K)

Utils library (68K)

String library (68K)

Sound library (68K)

Ctype library (68K)

Application library (68K)

P_Video library (PPC)

P_Utilities library (PPC)

P_Input library (PPC)

P_Application library(PCC)

Anvil tools (Folder) containing:

Build - Project Build manager

Fantasm510 - 68K and PowerPC assemblers

LibMake68K - tool for making 68Kstatic libraries

LibMakePPC - tool for making PPC static libraries

LinkPPC - PPC linker

Link68K - 68K linker

DDBAccess - tool used by Build to access the dependencies database for a project

ResCopy - Resource copier

AutoLaunch - tool to launch target on good build

AnvMOD plugs (Folder) contains import plug-ins for AnvMOD. Contains

669 plug

IT plug

MADfg plug

Midi plug

MOD plug

MTM plug

OKTA plug

S3M plug

XM plug

Anvil scripts (Folder) contains pre-built Apple scripts for controlling project building:

Anvil Do Build

Anvil Do Build and run

Anvil do run target

Anvil do zap project

Lightsoft documentation (Folder) contains:

LSA9998 - Documentation master index

Fant510 release notes

LSA0001 - Anvil API

LSA0002 - Anvil Glossary

LSA0003 - FAQ

LSA0005 - Anvil Linkers

LSA0006 - Build

LSA0008 - Creating and using static libraries

LSA0009 - Anvil Private plugs

LSA0010 - Anvil tools - programmers reference.

LSA0014 - Tips for tool authors

LSA0016 - ResCopy

LSA0017 - DDB

LSA0021 - AnvMOD

LSA0040 - Fantasm 5.10 User manual

LSA0041 - Fantasm 5.10 Reference manual

LSA0042 - Fantasm 5.10 Assembly language reference card

LSA0100 - Anvil User manual

LSA0500 - LXT (68K to PPC auto translation) User manual

LSA9990 - Lightsoft Support

LXT - Lightsoft Cross Translation - (Folder) contains files used to auto translate 68k

assembly language to PowerPC executable.


Folder: Examples/3rd party examples containing example projects:

3d maze - 68K - Lightsoft.

aetester 102 folder - Apple event handling (PPC) - Ajay Nath

CLUT fade - cluts (PPC) - Lightsoft

Eclipse - shoot em up (PPC) - Lightsoft

Example macro constructs - (Either 68K or PPC) - Lightsoft

Example Post Build Tool for Anvil (68K) - Lightsoft

Fire - Fire simulation (68K and PPC) - Allan Jensen

Floating Point Sine table (PPC) - Lightsoft

Hello World (68K) - Lightsoft

LS1998 New year - Graphics/sound DEMO (LXT - FAT) - Lightsoft

PPC Control strip toggle (PPC) - James Hague/Dadgum Games

PPC Shared Library creation (PPC) - Lightsoft

PPC_Graphics Demo (PPC) - Lightsoft

ROMSucker - Display/extract resources from ROM (PPC) - Cliff Harris

Scumble - Graphics/3D DEMO (PPC) - Allan Jensen

Sound Play (68K) - Lightsoft

Stars - Star fields (PPC) - Allan Jensen

The Creation - heat simulation (68K and PPC) - Lightsoft

Universal Proc Pointers - how to - PPC - Lightsoft

URLtility - URL utility - PPC - Ajay Nath


Standard Libraries

Folder contains the projects and source to the standard libraries installed above.


Lightsoft Documentation:

Folder containing copies of the documentation installed as per above.


Anvil Music

Folder containing over 130 selected music files for use with AnvMOD


Third party items/utils

Folder containing 60 Megs of various programming utilities, info and processor documentation.


Lightsoft WWW Site

Folder containing Lightsoft WWW pages, documents, articles, beginners guide etc. Requires a WWW Browser such as NetScape Navigator or Internet Explorer.


Install Fantasm 5.1 copy

Folder containing a copy of the installion archive in case of scratched CD.


Old Tools

Folder containing earlier version of Fantasm 5 and 4.

Total size: 186 Megabytes.


©Lightsoft 1998.