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The products on this page are no longer maintained by Lightsoft.

Our hope is that even an old frozen product may be useful to someone.  Obviously this could reflect badly on Lightsoft - and is probably part of the reason why other companies end of life. However we know that people still are interested in our older products and have therefore made the decision to continue to make the last versions accessible for free.

The product information is also out of date and therefore should be considered "Historical Information". Other pages on the Lightsoft Tools part of the web-site similarly contains out of date information.

Fantasm (including LIDE and Anvil)

Fantasm development has been frozen for quite a while and has not been updated to work with later Mac operating systems. This means that you may have varying success with the binaries of LIDE and Fantasm; please see the Tools News and Support Pages for more information.

In the middle of 2003 we also decided to offer the source code - see the Fantasm pages for details.

Even though the license file says we offer no support, we would love to hear from anyone who is using Fantasm (or trying to use it.)

Feedback of any sort is most welcome. The contact address is


Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3 Update #1 - 35K

This update is applicable to both Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3. It improves functionality when running under OS X's Classic environment.

The update consists of two updated tools:

Build V6.01
1. Fixes a bug when running in Classic that could cause build to fail with the report of a MacOS Error when linking.

2. Correctly recognises G4 processors.

MrC 5.0.x AIT V1.01
1. Enables traceback tables in your target, allowing more easy debugging of Carbon Apps.

Remove Build and your MrC AIT (if LIDE 3) from your Anvil Tools folder and replace with these new tools. We also suggest you check your MrC version and upgrade to version 5.xx if applicable.

Full versions (Free)

LIDE 3 - Dec 2002- 18.3 MBytes (.zip Zip Archive) *** This avoids problems with StuffIt 8 ***

LIDE 3 - Dec 2002- 18.1 MBytes (.sit Stuffit Archive)

(StuffIt Segmented version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - 2 MBytes each)

Please note: We believe we have corrected the problem with the November version of this file. See the Support Page date 9th December 2002 for more details.


LSResToFile - A useful little (FREE) hack that will extract all resources from a file into individual data files. Written to port Zex to other platforms but may have other uses. C Source included. WARNING: Minimal UI! On running you are presented with the old StandardFile dialog box; navigate to the file (any Mac file, App etc) you wish to extract the resources from and select it. After a wee while and disk grinding all the resources out of the file will appear in LSResToFIle's folder. The files are named as per their resource TYPE and ID, hence DITL 128 would be extracted into a file called DITL00128.


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