Mar 99

Fantasm Subscriptions - The Details.

Fantasm is sold with a one year subscription to our upgrade service which guarantees you receive all updates as released along with excellent support. When your subscription expires you have the option of re-subscribing for another year. We will email you a reminder shortly before your current subscription expires.

This option to re-subscribe is open for up to two months after your current subscription expires, although you will not be eligible to receive any updates during this time. After the two month grace period, you will not be eligible for the re-subscription price.


The price of a 12 month subscription is set at two thirds of the full retail price and may be ordered in one of three ways.

1. You may order on-line with your credit card.

2. You may download the current "Register Fantasm" program, run it, fill in the fields and send it's output via snail mail along with your payment to the address specified in the program.

3. You can send a check to our normal postal address. The check should be made out in pounds sterling. Please contact us for pricing in other currencies as additional bank charges will apply (typically four UK pounds).

Should you have any questions please email us.