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17 Nov 2002 - LIDE 3 (Inc Fantasm 6) now available at no charge.

We have decided to stop charging for Fantasm/LIDE 3. You can download the package here.

Lightsoft's Integrated Development Environment 3 contains all of Fantasm 6 along with additions for C programming in conjunction with Apple's MrC C and C++ compiler.

We are considering making the source code available for all the components making up LIDE 3; Anvil, Fantasm, the linkers etc. We must stress that at this time no decisions have been made. The source set would probably be the OS X port that was in-progress up until a few months ago when we decided to stop work on the project. We would appreciate any ideas you may have on the subject of Open Sourcing Fantasm.


Fantasm is a Macintosh assembly language development environment capable of translating both 680x0 and PowerPC assembly language. Our design ethos is simplicity with power and hence Fantasm's main aims are to make Macintosh assembly language simple to write, to ensure the code produced is running its fastest and to provide the most powerful environment for Macintosh assembly language programmers.

The 68K assembler features auto optimisation and handling of slack syntax - for example move.l #3,d0 will be translated to a moveq instruction. add #7,a0 is automatically translated into the correct "adda" instruction.

The PPC assembler accepts all known simplified instructions along with AltiVec and optional floating point instructions. It automatically handles nearly all aspects of TOC creation for you, thus simplifying your source. It will even examine your code with an emulated processor to spot stalls and dependencies. When calling an OS function in PPC, Fantasm will save you at least two PPC instructions over compiled code, sometimes more, which add up if you call the OS frequently!

Fantasm provides a powerful macro processor allowing you to write your own instructions to simplify your code and to create complex data structures via looping and conditional constructs. The macro language features parametrized , nested macros, nested if/else/endif conditionals, repeat-until loops, various in-built variables, 26 string variables, string handling and break commands.

Both 68K and PPC assemblers share the same directive set. These directives range from simple data definition and alignment directives (auto or manual), through to more complex commands, such as directives used to create floating point sin tables (PPC) or switch the order of command searching allowing native assembler instructions to be replaced for cross translation purposes.

The environment features a graphical project manager, syntax coloring/hyperjumping editor, auto dependencies, high-speed linkers (68K, XCOFF and PEF), flexible output stages and modular tool construction. Fantasm is the complete Macintosh assembly language solution.

Click here for a comparison.


LIDE 3 extends the functionality of Fantasm in that the project manager can manage, build and maintain not only Fantasm projects but C and C++ projects in conjunction with Apple's highly optimising MrC and MrC++ compilers.

Both Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3 contain the same project manager - Anvil 3 . To see a screenshot of Anvil 3, click here or even better why not take the Guided Tour?


Please see the README within the free version of LIDE 3 for details.

Any PPC based Mac, iBook, iMac etc. The software may run on a 680x0 based Mac but we would not recommend it.
6 Megs of free memory to run and Build. More for more complex projects.
System 7.1 or later (not OS X, runs OK in Classic up to 10.1).
256 colour monitor or better (but it'll work with anything).



Support policy
Nearly all support enquiries are handled via email for a prompt service. Our support site offers over five hundred pages of extra information, many of which are searchable. And the Fantasm mailing list can also be a useful resource.

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