Section 7.1.1
Identifiers and Keywords

POV-Ray allows you to define identifiers for later use in the scene file. An identifier may be 1 to 40 characters long. It may consist of upper or lower case letters, the digits 0 through 9 or an underscore character ("_"). The first character must be an alphabetic character. The declaration of identifiers is covered later.

POV-Ray has a number of reserved keywords which are listed below.

aa_level                 fog_offset           reciprocal
aa_threshold             fog_type             recursion_limit
abs                      frequency            red
acos                     gif                  reflection
acosh                    global_settings      refraction
adaptive                 glowing              render
adc_bailout              gradient             repeat
agate                    granite              rgb
agate_turb               gray_threshold       rgbf
all                      green                rgbft
alpha                    halo                 rgbt
ambient                  height_field         right
ambient_light            hexagon              ripples
angle                    hf_gray_16           rotate
aperture                 hierarchy            roughness
arc_angle                hollow               samples
area_light               hypercomplex         scale
asc                      if                   scallop_wave
asin                     ifdef                scattering
asinh                    iff                  seed
assumed_gamma            image_map            shadowless
atan                     incidence            sin
atan2                    include              sine_wave
atanh                    int                  sinh
atmosphere               interpolate          sky
atmospheric_attenuation  intersection         sky_sphere
attenuating              inverse              slice
average                  ior                  slope_map
background               irid                 smooth
bicubic_patch            irid_wavelength      smooth_triangle
black_hole               jitter               sor
blob                     julia_fractal        specular
blue                     lambda               sphere
blur_samples             lathe                spherical_mapping
bounded_by               leopard              spiral
box                      light_source         spiral1
box_mapping              linear               spiral2
bozo                     linear_spline        spotlight
break                    linear_sweep         spotted
brick                    location             sqr
brick_size               log                  sqrt
brightness               looks_like           statistics
brilliance               look_at              str
bumps                    low_error_factor     strcmp
bumpy1                   mandel               strength
bumpy2                   map_type             strlen
bumpy3                   marble               strlwr
bump_map                 material_map         strupr
bump_size                matrix               sturm
camera                   max                  substr
case                     max_intersections    superellipsoid
caustics                 max_iteration        switch
ceil                     max_trace_level      sys
checker                  max_value            t
chr                      merge                tan
clipped_by               mesh                 tanh
clock                    metallic             test_camera_1
color                    min                  test_camera_2
color_map                minimum_reuse        test_camera_3
colour                   mod                  test_camera_4
colour_map               mortar               text
component                nearest_count        texture
composite                no                   texture_map
concat                   normal               tga
cone                     normal_map           thickness
confidence               no_shadow            threshold
conic_sweep              number_of_waves      tightness
constant                 object               tile2
control0                 octaves              tiles
control1                 off                  torus
cos                      offset               track
cosh                     omega                transform
count                    omnimax              translate
crackle                  on                   transmit
crand                    once                 triangle
cube                     onion                triangle_wave
cubic                    open                 true
cubic_spline             orthographic         ttf
cylinder                 panoramic            turbulence
cylindrical_mapping      pattern1             turb_depth
debug                    pattern2             type
declare                  pattern3             u
default                  perspective          ultra_wide_angle
degrees                  pgm                  union
dents                    phase                up
difference               phong                use_color
diffuse                  phong_size           use_colour
direction                pi                   use_index
disc                     pigment              u_steps
distance                 pigment_map          v
distance_maximum         planar_mapping       val
div                      plane                variance
dust                     png                  vaxis_rotate
dust_type                point_at             vcross
eccentricity             poly                 vdot
else                     polygon              version
emitting                 pot                  vlength
end                      pow                  vnormalize
error                    ppm                  volume_object
error_bound              precision            volume_rendered
exp                      prism                vol_with_light
exponent                 pwr                  vrotate
fade_distance            quadratic_spline     v_steps
fade_power               quadric              warning
falloff                  quartic              warp
falloff_angle            quaternion           water_level
false                    quick_color          waves
file_exists              quick_colour         while
filter                   quilted              width
finish                   radial               wood
fisheye                  radians              wrinkles
flatness                 radiosity            x
flip                     radius               y
floor                    rainbow              yes
focal_point              ramp_wave            z
fog                      rand
fog_alt                  range

All reserved words are fully lower case. Therefore it is recommended
that your identifiers contain at least one upper case character so it
is sure to avoid conflict with reserved words.

The following keywords are in the above list of reserved keywords but
are not currently used by POV-Ray however they remain reserved.

  bumpy1               test_camera_1
  bumpy2               test_camera_2
  bumpy3               test_camera_3
  incidence            test_camera_4
  pattern1             track
  pattern2             volume_object
  pattern3             volume_rendered
  spiral               vol_with_light

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